Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Penang Restaurants - Korean Food

Bee Won Korean Restaurant

Hotel Royal Penang3rd Floor ,
3 Jalan Larut
10050 Penang
Phone : 04-2277535

Lamb or Chicken Chops ( Rm49 ) with Wine and Chocolate ice cream at the total price RM129.00 .

Enjoy the lovely day with Bee Won's Karaoke facilities in the Private Room. Contact Mrs. Kim 012-2273753

Try Ban Chan
(1) Baechu Kim Chi – we all know what is it right? pickled and fermented cabbage
(2) Shi Guem Chi / Sigumchi Namul - seasoned spinach
(3) Yang Pa Jang A Chi – pickled onion & green chili
(4) Myul Chi Bok Eum – fried ‘ikan bilis’ with peanuts.
(5) Ma Neul Jjong – fresh and crunchy vegetables
(6) Gamja jorim – potato with soy sauce.
(7) Oi sobaegi - cucumber kimchi
(8) Bu Chu – spicy ‘kangkung’
(9) Salad

Try Chap Chae
One of the favourite. The glass noodles just extremely springy compared to local one. The sauce mixed well with seafoods and vegetables.

Location: Bee Won Korean Restaurant, Royal Hotel Penang (formerly Sheraton Hotel)
Address: 3rd floor Royal Hotel Penang, 3, Jalan Larut, 10050 Penang, Malaysia.
Phone No : 04-2277535