Saturday, August 27, 2011

Zhonghua Gourmet Restaurant

ZhongHua Gourmet(中华海鲜鱼翅) restaurant is located within Penang Cititel Hotel, Penang road. The restaurant is not located at a very obvious location inside the hotel as it is at the very end of the hotel's commercial shop corridor. This restaurant serves different kinds of Chinese cuisine and the most popular service of the restaurant probably is it's Dim Sum buffet.

Back to few years ago, ZhongHua Gourmet restaurant already started their Dim Sum buffet service. The reason why this service can be popular is because the price is very cheap (Start from RM16.80 at that time), and customer is provided with a menu with quite a lot of variety and they can order whatever Dim Sum they like for unlimited time.

Anyway things has been slightly change recently that customer who take Dim Sum buffet is not provided with menu, in fact there is a small Dim Sum corner to let them pick whatever they want. Although the food serving is unlimited, the variety of Dim Sum is quite limited. For example Har Gao(虾饺), Xiu Mai(烧卖), Char Siu Bao(叉烧包), fried dumpling, fish ball, golden filling bao(金沙包), steamed pork and some others. There is another small food corner with some simple buffet dishes like roasted chicken, fried noodle, Tao Fu and others, but the choices is quite limited as well. Further more this food corner doesn't seems to be replenished when it is empty.

Ground floor of Cititel Hotel Penang
66 ,Jalan Penang ,
10000 Penang.

Tel : 04-8182268 / 012 - 4289329

Business Hour :
11am - 3pm , 6 - 10pm ( Mon-Sat)
9am - 3pm , 6 - 10pm (Sun & PH)