Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Penang Permai Village Cafe

For vegetarian  - Tanjung Bungah 

Most of Penang's vegetarian joints serve either Chinese or Indian vegetarian cuisine , so Permai Village Cafe provides a much needed alternative for the ethically conscientious out there , with its offering of meat-free ...

Capsicum Dip

Permai Village Cafe
Permai 32 , 16 Lebuh Lembah.
Tanjung Bungah

Phone : +60124387367
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Thursday, June 21, 2012

Arabic & Lebanese Cuisine To Satisfy All Your Senses
The success story was unfolded in 1998. Ever since then, Tarbush has made a name of its own to be the first and leading Middle Eastern Restaurant in Malaysia. On top of that, Tarbush has also established good rapport with various organizations and sectors in the country.

Tarbush has opened thus far four branches that are strategically located; Jalan Bukit Bintang, Starhill Gallery, Sunway Pyramid and most recently, Tarbush has set its eyes on Batu Feringghi, Penang, where an oasis of Tarbush’s celebrated dining experience is standing proudly by the waters of the Pearl of the Orient.

The meticulous interior design, exotic decoration and extensive list of menu (ranging from soups, appetizers, right down to main courses and desserts) to sample and choose from will undoubtedly make your meal an awesome experience and an unforgettable one…

Lot 413, Batu Feringghi, Pulau Pinang 
Phone: +604 8852 558 
Approx. Seating Capacity: 200 pax 

Business Hours: 11:00AM–2:00AM

Saturday, June 2, 2012

Penang Restaurant - Penang Seafood Restaurants

Bali Hai Seafood Market 
Bali Hai Seafood Market offers a spectrum of seafood cuisine in the comfort of a Balinese theme setting.
At Bali Hai Seafood Market, we specialise in fresh and live seafood including an assorted range
of imported seafood such as Alaskan Spider Crab, Emperor Crab, Snow Crab, Australian Lobster,
Rainbow Lobster, Pearl Lobster, Giant Mantis Prawn, Geoduck, Eels and Fishes.
Baked Lobster 'Thermidor' Style

You have the choice of picking your seafood live from the tanks and this is by far the best way
to prepare seafood while preserving its original freshness, flavour and taste. With our panel
of experienced and well trained chefs you can observe the preparation of your selected
seafood from the huge transparent glass separating the diners and the neat and well
equipped kitchen. From fresh Alaskan Spider Crab to our top of the range live Australian
Lobster cooked to your desire will definitely open up to a whole new experience of fresh
seafood cuisine.

Steamed Australian Emperor Crab with Chinese Wine

Steamed Crab with Light Soya Sauce

Bali Hai can easily accommodate more than 500 diners at any one time with ample free
parking minus the hassle of accessibility as it is located along the renowned seafront of
Penang Gurney Drive.

Contact ;
90,90A,90B,90C & 90D ,
Persiaran Gurney , Georgetown
10250 Penang

Phone : +604-228 8273 / 228
M/Phone : +6016-520 3024
Business Hours : Open Daily
Email :
Website :

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Great Dining In Penang - Book

This lovely Island of Penang is famous for its hawker food - Laksa, Hokkien Mee, and Char Kuey Teow - to name but a few. However, as this book will demonstrate, Penang has far more culinary delights to offer then hawker food alone - far, far more.

The idea of Great Dining started when, as a food writer and restaurant reviewer, people began asking me where they could go to eat something other than Laksa or Char Kuey Teow; where they could go for good western food; or which outlet was big enough to host a large party etc. And it wasn't only visitors to the island who asked, but many Penangites too. It was then that I realised that there wasn't such a guide available - and that we needed one!

So this book was put together not just to answer those questions, but also to give more useful information about eating out in Penang. For example, the Fast Facts panel has been designed as a quick reference to help you make your dining choice - before ringing up to reserve a table.

The author's intention is to reveal information about an outlet, its characteristics and some of the personalities behind it. One man's meat can indeed be another man's poison, so deciding what's good and what's not is really down to individual taste. Although the author sometimes ventures an opinion, you must try the restaurant for yourself to make the ultimate decision.

About the Author

Helen Ong is a freelance writer who describes herself as "passionate about food". Part Peranakan and part sin khek (newcomer) her interest in cooking began early in life when she had to help her mother and grandmother, both excellent cooks, in the kitchen. After many years abroad, Helen has now returned to live in Penang where she works closely with the local food and beverage industry, helping to promote this both within Malaysia and to the rest of the world. She has a regular column in one of the national Sunday papers and writes weekly restaurant reviews for the gourmet guide section of one of the dailies. Helen also writes for a number of other publications.

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Penang Seafood Restaurant

The Best Seafood Restaurant In Penang
Pang Hainan Chinese Restaurant

Restaurateur has been Hainanese’s talent since their migration to the South East Asia. Without exception, Mr. Lim See Pang was among the well-known Hainanese cooks after he set the foot at Teluk Bahang, Penang some fifty years ago. He opened a coffee shop named “Ah Pang Café” served toasted bread, hot coffee, cakes etc. it later became the neighborhood’s favorite breakfast and afternoon tea shop.

With the development of the tourism in the area, construction of the Mutiara Hotel during late ‘80s brought in construction workers, who stayed in Teluk Bahang. It led to a demand for meals around the workplace. As such “Ah Pang Café” began to cater the needs, serving quick lunch like fried rice, fried noodles, hot noodle soup, steering its changes to serve more variety.
The progressive changes in “Ah Pang Café” was also contributed by its location being situated on a hill and facing the sea. The geographical attribute attracted tourists as well as local hikers who frequented “Ah Pang Café” for coffee and snacks after their hike. With encouragement of its patrons “Ah Pang Café” began to look into the advantage of being located in a fishing village having a daily harvest of fresh fishes and prawns. It thus began the venture into serving seafood.

For the past ten years, not only Teluk Bahang residents but also tourists have been regular customers of “Ah Pang Café”. Once there was a Singapore tourist, well satisfied with the food served, wrote to a local newspaper on his commentary. Since then many Singaporean came looking for “Ah Pang Café”.
For an upgrade of facilities, two years ago (year 2007), “Ah Pang Seafood Restaurant” relocated to Tanjung Bungah. Without luxurious décor, but based on comfortable surroundings, ambience, and tasty food “Pang (Hainan) Seafood” was established. Although there was no elaborate opening, “Pang (Hainan) Seafood” continued to attract passers-by as well as retained its regular customers from far and near.

Pang Hainan Seafood
501 K&L Jalan Tanjung Bungah,
11200 Tanjung Bungah,
Penang, Malaysia.
Tel : 04-899 4863
HP : 017-452 4863

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Penang Restaurants - Chinese restaurant ( Maple Palace )

Maple Palace Chinese Restaurant
Opened in September 2009, the Maple Palace Chinese Restaurant is a fine dining restaurant that offers exquisite Chinese and local cuisine as well as warm hospitality in a rustic, historically preserved building.
      Situated in the newly upgraded Maple Gold Club along Jalan Sultan Ahmad Shah in Penang, the Maple Palace restaurant is easy to locate and reach, with ample parking space immediately adjacent to the restaurant. It is also in close proximity to the beaches of Penang and a variety of local landmarks, as well as a short drive to the bustling city centre of Penang.

Deep -fried Prawn with Shredded Kataifi
Garoupa Fish and Prawn Steam Boat
Steamed Pumpkin with Assorted Seafood Casserole

      Here at Maple Palace Restaurant, they specialise in a wide range of Chinese and Cantonese dishes, all made from top quality ingredients and prepared right here in the restaurant. They are renowned for the famous Cantonese recipes, which have been preserved through generations, now with some new and improved touches of culinary wisdom to create a subtle but astoundingly tasteful difference.

Chair Cover Decoration 2 - Wedding Dinner at Maple Palace
Chair Cover Decoration - Wedding Dinner at Maple Palace

      Inspired by the great artisanal foods of Malaysia, China and the world, they aim to honour the many different Asian cooking traditions as well as to add their own interpretation of them with the unique culinary skills to serve you with a mouth-watering feast that is both traditional and avant garde at the same time.
      So come to Maple Palace and enjoy the elaborate and sumptuous new Cantonese cuisine that is composed of a perfect blend of East and West with a traditional master's touch, and allow they to bestow you with a truly unique creation of exquisite cuisine and a memorable experience that you will cherish for years to come!

Address: 47, Jalan Sultan Ahmad Shah 10050 Penang
Tel : 604- 2279690
Fax : 604 – 2274542
Cuisine Served: Chinese/ Cantonese Szechuan Specialties
Opening Hours:
  • Lunch: 12.00pm-2.30pm
  • Dinner: 6.00pm-10.00pm
Seating Capacity: 330

Friday, February 17, 2012

Penang Thai Restaurants

Penang restaurant - Khuntai Authentic Thai Restaurant

Thai food is no stranger to Malaysian. Khuntai Authentic Thai Restaurant, located in Raja Uda, cozy environment with huts and shades, serving with finger licking Thai Cuisine. The enjoyment of the spices is exotic which have you breathless over it. Try out their signature 'Superstar' which is consist of crabs, tiger prawns, squid and lala in sour garlic, it will bring you no regret. Name any Thai dishes, Khuntai will bring you the best of satisfying. Affordable and reasonable pricing. This place is a must-visit place in Penang!

KhunThai Village Restaurant (BW) sdn. Bhd.
No.104, Jalan Permatang Tengah, 12300 Butterworth,
Tel : 604-332 7523
E-mail :

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Penang Restaurants Western and Italian Cuisine

Little Cottage serves fine and delicious Western and Italian Cuisine. They are located in Penang Island (Pearl of the Orient) in Malaysia. From juicily grilled beef steak to Italian "Marinara" pasta and fragrantItalian mushroom rice, we have much much more variety in our menu to serve you.

Little Cottage Café is here to serve you delicious Western and Italian Cuisine in a cozy, friendly and warm ambience

Little Cottage Café has its humble beginnings in the Summer of 2003 in the City of George Town Penang
In search of a cozy and relaxing place for yummy food to reward yourself with a scrumptious meal at the end of the day started it all… George Town (good old George, as it is also popularly known) is blessed with a rich cultural heritage and varied potpourri of local and international range of delicatessen and delicious food. A gourmet’s delight for all seasons. The English were once here, and so have many others…from far and near...

The founders had a cuppa coffee at a “kopi tiam” (coffee shop) opposite a row of old but beautiful heritage buildings built during the British era. One shop tenant puts up a sign and wants to call it a day… There is a glow in our eyes and the next visit to this empty shop confirms its compactness and coziness. Little Cottage Café was founded....

Phone : +604 - 228 6218
Fax : +604 - 227 4452

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Penang restaurant - Ribs Barbeque Restaurant

Ribs BBQ Restaurant serves Western and Mexican food as shown in their menu. You can place orders for tortilla, nachos, burrito or you can ask for house specialty ribs. They ordered a baby back and barbeque combo as our choices.
The restaurant has a nice ambiance and very suitable for all types of occasions. May it be a date, birthday dinner or a family outing.

Ribs BarBQue Restaurant is located just beside Penang Plaza (the one with Giant) on a small corner, that’s why it’s so hard to spot it.
Address ;
124-B, Jalan Burma,
Pulau Pinang
Phone : 604-2262523