Saturday, February 11, 2012

Penang Restaurants Western and Italian Cuisine

Little Cottage serves fine and delicious Western and Italian Cuisine. They are located in Penang Island (Pearl of the Orient) in Malaysia. From juicily grilled beef steak to Italian "Marinara" pasta and fragrantItalian mushroom rice, we have much much more variety in our menu to serve you.

Little Cottage Café is here to serve you delicious Western and Italian Cuisine in a cozy, friendly and warm ambience

Little Cottage Café has its humble beginnings in the Summer of 2003 in the City of George Town Penang
In search of a cozy and relaxing place for yummy food to reward yourself with a scrumptious meal at the end of the day started it all… George Town (good old George, as it is also popularly known) is blessed with a rich cultural heritage and varied potpourri of local and international range of delicatessen and delicious food. A gourmet’s delight for all seasons. The English were once here, and so have many others…from far and near...

The founders had a cuppa coffee at a “kopi tiam” (coffee shop) opposite a row of old but beautiful heritage buildings built during the British era. One shop tenant puts up a sign and wants to call it a day… There is a glow in our eyes and the next visit to this empty shop confirms its compactness and coziness. Little Cottage Café was founded....

Phone : +604 - 228 6218
Fax : +604 - 227 4452